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Vegetable grower and Propagation Manager for Urban Jungle, UK

Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs 2017 Part 1

It’s been a busy time both in the potager and the polytunnel, hence the delay in writing this post. The successful harvests started in March with kale, mustards, turnip tops, salad, Salanova, spinach and herbs.   These kept coming on a grand scale, in April lots of pea shoots were added to the menu.  …

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A Sore Subject.

Pinching. It’s an unfortunate turn of phrase. ‘Pinching back’ sounds quite aggressive. It conjures up memories of sibling tussles when hair inevitably gets pulled and it all ends in tears. The definition of ‘pinching’ is compression, confinement, and limitation. The opposite is true. I noticed a common reaction to this practice when our volunteers started…

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