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With a throbbing head, achy legs, messy kitchen, and a memory of an impromptu rap (not by me), I can recall an interesting moment. Last night a sleekly dressed urban beauty asked me the holy grail of questions… What makes a garden? Whoa…..dig deep.

Well I explained, hiding my dirty fingernails whilst holding eye contact a bit longer than was actually necessary, it’s like this:

Shrubs essentially are like a pair of Levis, maybe 501s, solid, reliable and structural; you wouldn’t and shouldn’t be without them.

Perennials, well they are your trainers. Not worn all of the time but when you do they remind you why you bought them in the first place. Think Converse.

Annuals, these are your optional high fashion pieces. Sometimes a seductive impulse buy, usually displayed at the front. These get you noticed. Occasionally they are only worn once. These are worth a gamble because they might….just might become a classic.

He nodded thoughtfully, then went on his phone and added himself to the waiting list for a pair of Kanye West trainers…oh well I tried.

limegarden@sky.com • 20th May 2017

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