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Its been a great week.

I was mentored by Joy Larkcom since 2014. She had no idea.

Her book ‘Creative Vegetable Gardening’ gently guided me through the processes of creating a beautiful kitchen garden from scratch. It stayed in my car for months, spending its days in the polytunnel or staff room. Eventually it became dog-eared, stained and occasionally got wet by the hose. By chance an old friend of hers from Suffolk visited the Potager a couple of years back and suggested that If she could obtain Joys contact details that I should get in touch with her. I didn’t hold out much hope to be honest, but I thought it was worth a shot. This week some seeds she saved herself came in the post to me at home. I send her pictures ( only the best ones) with tidbits of Suffolk weather etc.


How utterly lovely that she would bother.

I hope that when I get older, I too will still be pottering in my greenhouse saving seed, along with the inevitable black tattooists gloves.

Also this week, we put a shout out on social media for the first time for volunteers to come and help whilst gaining general gardening and propagation experience. A key member of staff is having an operation and already the ‘to do’ list is eye watering.

I thought we would be lucky to get one person. A week later we have five new volunteers, Heather, Sue, Tracey, Bridgette and Anna. They each arrived separately, and quickly made them selves at home in the polytunnel. The repotting queue shrank quickly, I had to quickly empty aisles to make way for their achievements. Each and every one of the new volunteers loved it, and a hastily arranged schedule was set. I am so grateful, and now feel confident that with their help our Spring propagation plan is achievable. They too will learn so much as there is so much to do.

Lastly this month I took the plunge and joined Instagram. What a revelation!
It’s already moving up my list of addictions, whilst it will never overtake seeds it’s great fun to connect with other gardeners and see what they are up to in real time. Already I have exchanged seeds, and learnt new varieties. They are such an open, warm hearted and funny bunch. It’s going to be a good year.

This is the link to my Instagram, I’d love to see what you are up to too.



limegarden@sky.com • 22nd February 2017

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Andrea Fitzgerald said : Guest Report 7 months ago

Hi! I am a member of Denton Gardening Club (between Bungay and Harleston). Do you give talks to gardenibg clubs and if so, do you have a list of topics or is it just a general talk? Could you also let me know what you charge? I have yet to visit your cafe but your blog has really whetted my appetite!

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