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Fresh Flowers 2017

Brrr. Settled snow and a local warning for severe flooding here in Norfolk gives me the perfect opportunity to finish my review of new seeds and plants for this coming year. The wood burner is on full blast and the dogs have had their obligatory crazed lap of the garden leaving zigzagged paw prints in the snow.
So I can begin.


Chiltern seeds.
I’m not a fan of ‘mixes’ generally, but here Chiltern have selected the tall, long stemmed varieties so this is a good selection for providing cut flowers.

Ageratum houstonianum ‘Timeless’

Rated flower of the year 2017.

Calendula ‘Snow Princess’

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Double Click Snow Puff’

Mirabilis Jalapa ‘Orange’

Salpiglossis sinuata ‘Black Trumpets’

Salvia verticulata ‘Purple Fairy Tale’

Plants of Distinction.
2017 is tipped as the year of the Zinnia. Usually importing from America is the only way to keep up with new varieties but the English seed companies have all greatly increased their range this year.

Zinnia elegans ‘Inca’

Annual asters are a great addition for a flush of late summer cut flowers. This new variety has huge blooms and is often mistaken for a chrysanthemum.

Aster ‘Strawberry Crush’

Plant World Seeds.
Either that’s a hobbits hand or this has the largest flowers to date of any Astrantia, this is definitely worth a go.

Astrantia ‘Supernova’

An annual grown for its long vase life and its usefulness as a filler in bouquets providing variegated foliage, these seeds are being ordered today.

Euphorbia Marginata ‘Kilimanjaro’

I much prefer its common name of ‘Kiss me over the garden gate’, this rarely grown hardy annual needs to be sown soon as it needs a cold period to germinate.

Persicaria orientalis ‘Cerise Pearls’

Nicky’s Nursery.

Zinnia ‘Senora’

Three foot tall, large blooms and an unusual colour, yep that will do nicely.

New Dahlias (to me anyway, blink and a new one emerges).

‘Striped Ambition’

The rather wonderfully named ‘Hollyhill Spiderwoman’

‘Honka Fragile’

‘Dark Butterfly’

‘Paradise City’


‘Verrone’s Obsidian’

‘Admiral Rawlings’

New widely praised bedding, perennials and shrubs to look for in garden centres this year.

Salvia nemorosa ‘Blue Marvel’

Sambucus Serenade

Gaura ‘Rosy Shimmers’

Cirsium ‘Frosted Magic’

Nepeta x faassoni ‘Crystal Cloud’

Clematis ‘Green Passion’

Geum ‘Scarlet Tempest’

Begonia ‘Northern Lights Scarlet Burst’

Petunia ‘Buzz Purple’

Calendula Powerdaisy ‘Sunny’

Next on the list is ‘Fresh Veg’.

limegarden@sky.com • 13th January 2017

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