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Vegetable grower and Propagation Manager for Urban Jungle, UK


In Two Minds

It’s the third week of August and for me one of the most difficult times of the year in a kitchen garden. The harvests are coming thick and fast. Daily boxes of fat juicy tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers are being delivered to the chef. Several times a week there is freshly picked agretti, summer radicchio,…

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Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs Part 1 2016

The original concept for this blog was to record the successes and failures of production of food for the café in general. The hottest day is probably behind us and the tomato season is about to start so it feels like we are half way through our summer season and a good time to reflect….

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It’s a Jungle Out There

Torrential downpours followed regularly by sunshine. My garden has exploded with growth. What timing given the title of this post! Taking photos just now, I stumbled upon a poor grass snake trapped in the netting of the kale bed. He’s still alive but we need to get him out quick. They are protected, and rightly…

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