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Return of the Slime Attackers!

No radishes for weeks, I knew it was bad.

We were warned for months that the mild winter would produce a slug epidemic.

That B movie moment when the cellar light gets turns on, the steps creak, down she goes, face behind a pillow, popcorn forgotten. Except that this was actually scary.

Down I went and upturned the first allotment container. It was me or the slugs. Actually it was an August radish or the slugs.

If you are squeamish please look away now.


We then spent the rest of the day gently relocating each one to the compost area and making sure they felt settled and safe. Lettuce leaves were placed to make sure they had food in case they were too traumatised to travel. Well that’s what we told the small child that asked.

limegarden@sky.com • 21st July 2016

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