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In Full Swing

It has been a busy week in the potager.
The café had two nights of a potager-inspired menu.

Luckily, the vegetables mostly complied; the strawberry haul was disappointing due to obese slugs gorging themselves nightly, but like a premature baby, even though we knew they were coming we were still surprised to find the first batch of cucumbers.




Leeks, spring onions, beetroot, early radicchios and puntarelle were sown. The arches plantings are painfully slow to be established; one afternoon resulted in sore knees and 26 well-hidden snails. Ornamental gourds have been planted at the base. The beans are being attacked nightly. I hope the replacements survive. The snail and slug damage so far this summer has been unprecedented and is very frustrating.

The welsh onions, dill and sunflowers are all looking good this week.

Dill 'Dutch Mammoth'

Dill ‘Dutch Mammoth’

'Copper Queen'

‘Copper Queen’

Used here for ornamental purposes only these 'Welsh Onions' are invaluable.

Used for ornamental purposes only these ‘Welsh Onions’ are invaluable.

The sheer inner beauty of pea ‘Mezza Rama Desiree’ was revealed. It looked like a toy pea from a Montessori school.


The highlight of my week however was these beauties:

Nearly two years of trying and three are ready the same day. ‘Graffiti’ I salute you.

A silent private little fist pump may have slipped out, pathetic but true. (see previous post ‘Purple Cauliflower Blues’)

It is a bit sad, one of our old favourites was been replaced. ‘Reddy’ spring onions have been reluctantly pushed down to second place with a new younger more bulbous variety called ‘Furio’ which is equally beautiful but has thicker bulbs giving the kitchen more flexibility with dishes.

The new ‘Furio’. R.I.P. ‘Reddy’


limegarden@sky.com • 6th July 2016

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