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Friends Reunited

One day off to gather my breath before the countdown to ‘The Edible Garden Fair’.  Seed packets have become irritating (a temporary madness), I have pricked out enough for now.  My dibber and I need a break from each other.

Clogs on for a explore outside.I haven’t had a proper look at my own garden since I spent the day weeding and mulching with tons of mushroom compost a few weeks back. It’s not a huge space, but is rural, backed on to the Norfolk Broads, and crammed with plants.  It doubles up as a teenage weekend retreat so beer bottles and cans are often discovered in the borders. Sometimes the old smelly damp hammock is heavy, with gentle snores upsetting the peace and quiet, but not today, thankfully.

I’m a foliage lover, especially early morning when the dew is still present and the birds are getting busy. Relief, it’s all ok, not perfect, but ok.

image image image image image image image image image

limegarden@sky.com • 27th May 2016

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2 Comments on Friends Reunited

Karen gimson said : Guest Report one year ago

Lovely photos. I've enjoyed reading your blog

Niamh Mullally said : Guest Report one year ago

Many thanks Karen. I appreciate your comment.

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