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Vegetable grower and Propagation Manager for Urban Jungle, UK


Friends Reunited

One day off to gather my breath before the countdown to ‘The Edible Garden Fair’.  Seed packets have become irritating (a temporary madness), I have pricked out enough for now.  My dibber and I need a break from each other. Clogs on for a explore outside.I haven’t had a proper look at my own garden…

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My Other Addiction

Redneck season is rapidly approaching and everyone is exhausted. Personally my limbs don’t work after 9pm. In the polytunnel the seedlings are getting stronger every day. It’s our first attempt at a fair and ‘The Edible Garden Fair’ is gaining momentum. Growing your own food is so fulfilling and on the 4th of June there…

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Full of Beans

Now that the hazel arches have been built, it is time to start sowing the beans. The few hot days we have had recently have felt more like late June, but with the latest forecast of lows of 4 degrees these will be started off in modules in the polytunnel. In 2015 ‘Marvel of Venice’…

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Sleeping Beauties

It is hard to believe that these unsightly knobbly tubers will awaken and transform into arguably one of the best edible cut flowers in existence. Dahlias genetically are very closely related to sunflowers and Jerusalem artichokes. They have been the national flower of Mexico since 1963 and their history is really interesting and goes back…

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