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Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Now I really like seedlings and I really like tomatoes, but even I am a bit scared now. All the seedlings are growing really well, and most of them need to be pricked out shortly.

We take our tomatoes very seriously here, but these bad boys are now the priority as they are starting to stress in the seed trays and  need to be potted on.


They need to start part two of their three part journey to the plate. There are 38 varieties, yes thirty eight (no that’s not a typo). These seeds have been carefully sourced and some have even had a plane trip earlier this year.

David has surpassed himself and set a new record. Here is our 2016 selection:

‘Gold Medal Yellow’
‘Blue Beauty’
‘Orange Queen’
‘Gold Rush Currant’
‘Sweet Solano’
‘Chocolate Stripes’
‘Doctor Wyches Yellow Beefsteak’
‘Green Grape’
‘Dad’s Sunset’
‘Berkeley Tie Dye’
‘Stone Ridge’
‘Todd County Amish’
‘Sunrise Bumblebee’
‘Purple Bumble Bee’
‘Black Elephant’
‘Gold Medal’
‘Emerald Apple’
‘Beauty King’
‘Dixie Golden’
‘Yellow Brandywine’
‘Gold Medal yellow’
‘Worlds Smallest’
‘Patio Orange’
‘Indigo Blueberries’
‘Cherokee Chocolate’
‘Costoluto Fiorentino’
‘Black Krim’
‘Gardeners Delight’
‘Costoluto Di Parma’
‘Ananas Noire’
‘Orange Wellingon’
‘Chocolate Cherry’
‘Tondo Piccolo’

Luckily a timely arrival of locally mixed rich black gold arrives.


The polytunnel door creaks open, ┬ásneakers appear, a Ralph Lauren shirt….could it be true? The messiah has landed , gloves in hand. Each strong seedling is given his blessing. It must be serious.


limegarden@sky.com • 29th April 2016

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