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In a Pickle

In my introduction to ‘The Daily Dibber’, I mentioned that in 2014 I started working for another seedaholic.

There comes a time every year when the reality of the scale and extent of our shared addiction hits home. Together we can justify just about any seed purchase we make. We never learn, and are secretly quite proud of that. Not actually sowing a brand new variety that has been purchased is unthinkable. Then the reality hits in late spring, just about now.

In November, it was decided (yes, guilty as charged) that we did not grow enough cucumbers for the pickling addicts in the cafe. Outrage was expressed and fisticuffs threatened at the lack of Lebanese courgettes. I personally decided not to be beaten by watermelons (big bruises, I imagine).

The cucumber and courgette box was opened this week. Now I believe that the supermarkets have dulled our senses, long and green seem to be the only types seen on the shelves. However, the shape and colour of vegetables does not affect the flavour and the unusual varieties are so much more interesting to grow, eat and/or pickle. The justification begins. I experienced a momentary feeling of fear, but soon recovered, just in time to sow these:



‘Beth Alpha’
‘Boston Pickling’
‘Sweet Success’
‘Miniature White’
‘Parisian Pickling’
‘Gele Tros’
‘Kish White’
‘Mexican Sour Gherkin’
‘Jaune Dickfleischige’


‘Painted Serpent’

‘Lungo Bianco’
‘Shooting Star’
‘Bennings Green Tint Scallop’
‘Burpees Golden’
‘Verte Petite d’alger’
‘Lebanese White Bush’


‘Bleu de Hongrie’
‘Early Golden Summer Crookneck’
‘Honey Bear’
‘Blue Hubbard’

Now rabbits don’t like courgettes (still justifying), so the plan is to plant some in the compost piles. Perhaps a purchase of larger pickle jars is on the cards.

limegarden@sky.com • 10th April 2016

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