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Run Rabbit Run

Inspired by Lola’s recent creation, I have been considering growing rhubarb.


Then during a Google search the following advice was given
Common signs of rhubarb poisoning in animals can result in irritation of the mouth/appetite loss/lethargy/abdominal pain/ dehydration. Death can occur. If your rabbit has ingested rhubarb contact your vet immediately‘. Yeah right, best get the vet on speed dial.

It’s payback time. It’s been nearly two years since the rabbits starting turning me into a bunny boiler. Perfect lines of lettuce ruined overnight, chard leaves shredded, they even sample tasted the bitter leaves of early radicchio.

So bunnies this particular rabbit food has been sown just for you. Knock yourselves out. Literally.


limegarden@sky.com • 7th April 2016

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