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Vegetable grower and Propagation Manager for Urban Jungle, UK

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  Now I really like seedlings and I really like tomatoes, but even I am a bit scared now. All the seedlings are growing really well, and most of them need to be pricked out shortly. We take our tomatoes very seriously here, but these bad boys are now the priority as they are starting…

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The Arches

Last year’s bean harvest was very successful; Lola and Tom created many delicious dishes. The dense mature plants caused unexpected issues; the bean structures were so dense with produce that they caused heavy areas of shade in other raised beds, which limited what could be grown successfully. The potager also lacked height in some areas….

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In a Pickle

In my introduction to ‘The Daily Dibber’, I mentioned that in 2014 I started working for another seedaholic. There comes a time every year when the reality of the scale and extent of our shared addiction hits home. Together we can justify just about any seed purchase we make. We never learn, and are secretly…

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Run Rabbit Run

Inspired by Lola’s recent creation, I have been considering growing rhubarb. Then during a Google search the following advice was given ‘Common signs of rhubarb poisoning in animals can result in irritation of the mouth/appetite loss/lethargy/abdominal pain/ dehydration. Death can occur. If your rabbit has ingested rhubarb contact your vet immediately‘. Yeah right, best get…

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A Symphony of Seedlings

The polytunnel is positively humming with activity. The intoxicating aroma of happy seedlings and damp compost hits you every morning as you open the doors. Every day brings new sprouting life; the lovely bright days of the last week here in Suffolk have made a huge difference to the germination rate. Tomatoes, chillies, chard, onions,…

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