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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Harvest wise, it has been a mixed bag this week at the potager.
Kale, turnip tops, radicchio and leeks have all been successfully harvested, and brought to the kitchen and have featured heavily on the menu this week.





The sous chef Tom requested the long-awaited Italian chicory ‘Dandelion’ to accompany his saddle of rabbit. Just two days ago, the line of this rare chicory was uniformly perfect and ready for harvesting. Now look at it…


I was nearly at a loss for words; the air around me temporarily became blue.

Apparently, seven rabbits can eat as much as one sheep, and there are an estimated 45million wild rabbits here in the UK.

Closer inspection of the potager cabbage and kale revealed further damage by pigeons.




These brassicas have sat happily since November unprotected and were due for harvesting shortly. However, the darn annoying pests have beaten me to it.

It is hard not to be self-critical, as I have been so utterly engrossed by the new seeds for 2016 and the advancement of the potager for the coming seasons that the remainder of the 2015 plantings became neglected.

On the plus side, these beds can now be emptied, the soil amended and the next season can begin.

Tom’s rabbit dish still looked delicious with the turnip tops substitution.


Stomping grumpily to the carpark, I notice how lovely the early winter sown window boxes look, the combination of the ornamental kale ‘Red peacock’ and the winter crop of ‘Claytonia’ has worked.


Hopefully the next rabbit on the menu will be a Darsham rabbit.

limegarden@sky.com • 17th March 2016

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Agnes said : Guest Report one year ago

That all looks real good! A very inspiring blog. Thank you for visiting and following mine, it lead me to yours also. :-)

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