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Treat em mean

In hindsight, my display of patio pots last year was disappointing. I love planting up my patio containers each summer. I aim for slightly different displays each year. My usual method of mixing annuals and basket plants with tender perennials wasn’t successful. It wasn’t the plants fault. I was just too busy working at Darsham…

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Food Containers.

The concept of a vegetable garden, allotment or potager for some people is an overwhelming prospect. Sometimes it’s just not feasible; there may be space restraints and affordability issues. The seasonal rises in the level of maintenance they require can result in it becoming just another pressure on an already swamped schedule. Vegetables can be…

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Fresh Flowers

We obsessive gardeners are a strange breed. The festive season has mainly finished and my principle emotion is relief. Dressing up for me brings unfamiliar stresses after months of work trousers and wellies. The preferred shade for my nails is black gold. It’s a hard adjustment back in the non-plant world after months of polytunnel…

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