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I’ll huff and I’ll puff

Although at first glance it looks like we are preparing a country house for major renovations, this is in fact the framework to support the first of the autumn sowings of our broad beans.
We are very lucky here at Darsham Nurseries, one of our more artistic gardeners Jevan (aka Happy Feet) possesses hands that have a seemingly inbuilt protractor and spirit level system. Kevin McCloud would be leaning against the summer house and nodding slowly about now.

This sowing is a couple of weeks late due to some stubborn cauliflowers ( see my page titled ‘Purple Cauliflower blues’ ), but that’s ok as it has been very mild. It’s the 19th of November and to date it has been frost free. If you have the space for an autumn sowing of broad beans in my opinion this is a better option than a spring sowing. It gives you an earlier harvest and a better chance of evading the dreaded black fly.

This year we have opted for Franchi’s classic variety: Superaguadulce

One seed was sown each side of a cane, we only need one plant per cane so will remove the unwanted extra freshly germinated shoots and give them to Lola for a garnish or a winter salad.. This method means we should have a bed bursting with evenly spaced plants in late spring. The mature plants can reach 1.7 metres high each potentially dripping with large pods. These bean pods collectively can be very heavy, so this structure currently looks a bit excessive, but not even ‘The big bad wolf’ will blow this down. I can already smell the lemon and crumbly feta.

An unexpected bonus appeared this week, after my previous rant about purple cauliflowers, this feels like finding a Faberge egg in the gravel.
The start of the beautiful radicchio harvest.

limegarden@sky.com • 19th November 2015

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