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The arrival of autumn

The arrival of autumn 28th October 2015

The array of different annuals are fading in the borders, the Indian summer has been and gone and the light seems to change daily. Yep, autumn is certainly here, and I am reminded how truly enjoyable it is. It’s slower and feels slightly less frantic for the gardener. There is still lots to do, but we can at least scale back on the constant watering and sunscreen applications.

The landscape during my drive from rural Norfolk to Suffolk changes so regularly, I am tempted to stop the car and take photographs. The migrating birds and geese are leaving again, with their almost perfect v shaped flying pattern. The few seconds notice given of their collective journey, with its mass squawking and flapping of wings always makes me wonder…how do they decide who gets the front flying spot? Fighting teenagers pushing and shoving for the front passenger seat of a car could certainly learn a thing or two.

In the potager the cabbage heads are forming and the mustard leaves are darkening, but it’s the kales that currently capture the leading role .Then in the late afternoon the Swiss chard – in particular ‘Oriole Orange’ – uses it’s seemingly inbuilt lighting system, to relieve the Kale of its dominance. In the late afternoon fading light, their stems illuminate for the last hour or so of the day.

Cabbage 'Kalibos' starting to form in the potager

Cabbage ‘Kalibos’ starting to form in the potager

Today, David asked for an indulgent raking of the dropped leaves on the lawn. He wanted to create a pattern. We all secretly laughed. The green snakelike path ,created by just a rake and a few minutes of labour ,emerged and was quite special. Never judge until you see.

limegarden@sky.com • 2nd November 2015

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