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O Seed D Part 1

The potager is now fully planted for winter and early spring. Seedaholics by our very nature don’t rest on our laurels. The dibber may be slowing down but the mind is racing. What does next year hold? What new varieties are available? Is there a new super radish? Lola unclench your teeth. Can I find…

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Best in Sow 2015

It’s the 25th of November and finally the frost has arrived. Christmas will be here soon and the potager has transformed into a winter larder. The summer seems a distant memory so this seems as good a time as any to compile the harvesting highlights from the warmer months of 2015 . It’s a long…

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I’ll huff and I’ll puff

Although at first glance it looks like we are preparing a country house for major renovations, this is in fact the framework to support the first of the autumn sowings of our broad beans. We are very lucky here at Darsham Nurseries, one of our more artistic gardeners Jevan (aka Happy Feet) possesses hands that…

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Cutting the mustard

The red and green mustard leaves are just starting to shine in the potager. One of the things Norfolk is famous for is Colman’s mustard, but no one seems to grow much in their vegetable plots. Prior to working at Darsham, I didn’t really know much about growing mustard. I certainly wasn’t aware of how…

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Purple cauliflower blues

Seven months, bated breath, and not even a single floret. The concept was a bed filled with rare, perfectly formed bright purple cauliflowers. I had visions of funky jars of pickles and a happy chef. Instead these barren brassicas are now part of the bonfire heap. I sowed ‘Violetta’ a Sicilian variety in March and…

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Radical Radicchios

Despite being a self-confessed seedaholic, it shames me to say that this is the first time I have grown radicchio. Initially sown to bulk out the winter harvests for the café, I have become very fond of them. If I never ate a vegetable again I would still grow this. Similar to a vintage wine…

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The arrival of autumn

The arrival of autumn 28th October 2015 The array of different annuals are fading in the borders, the Indian summer has been and gone and the light seems to change daily. Yep, autumn is certainly here, and I am reminded how truly enjoyable it is. It’s slower and feels slightly less frantic for the gardener….

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Overwhelming Onions

Overwhelming Onions 24th October 2015 The spring onion ‘Reddy’ was a real winner this year. Lola waved her wooden spoon and created some incredible dishes. She braised them with pomegranate molasses and also deep fried them in ‘Fritti Misti’. This particular spring onion was quite handsome in a shy, understated way, with its deep crimson…

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Cracking Kale

Cracking Kale 15th October 2015 A gardeners ‘favourite vegetable’ is an ever-changing and sensitive subject. Currently for me ,it’s kale. Kale seeds will happily germinate as long as it’s above 5 degrees, and as long as you respect their root system’s private nature, by giving them little disturbance, they are very easy to grow. They…

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