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The Daily Dibber

Kitchen gardener for the Darsham Nurseries Cafe. Seedaholic. Grower and lover of food and flowers.


The Daily Dibber

I have been a seedaholic for over fifteen years.

This passion was indulged privately without any fuss in my own polytunnel in Norfolk. Each year I would raise the stakes, spending the dark winter months researching, sourcing and preparing to grow as many varieties as possible, from all over the world.

I discovered that I don’t like yellow or Latin, and quickly developed a love for annuals. I then swiftly moved on to taking cuttings and collecting seed. The concept of a summer garden without my favourite annuals; Amaranth, Leonotis, Tithtonia , Cleomes or Zinnias soon became unthinkable. When I started growing vegetables from seed, buying a bag of salad seemed sinful.

Food has also always been a passion of mine, both cooking and eating. However I never realised that planted with some thought, vegetables can be just as beautiful as flowers.

In April 2014 I met and started working for another seedsholic, David Keleel. When two seedaholics meet the outcome is inevitable: an awful lot of seedlings…

Currently I (with help) predominately grow food and ornamentals for The Darsham Nurseries café in Suffolk. We grow everything from flowers and kale to chillies, micro greens and edible flowers.
The learning curve has been dizzyingly steep, with lots of successes and some failures.
Achieving flavoursome food from seed for our fantastic chef, Lola de Mille, and her delicious style of cooking whilst incorporating David’s high standards is a constant challenge. Additionally having the potager open to the public and the occasional roaming rabbit, means that there is never a dull moment.

I started keeping records, predominately for crop rotation purposes, then analysing harvests. I quickly realised that a blog could be an incredibly accurate written and visual record for us. The concept is a regularly updated account, predominately of the journey from seed to plate. However, as my friends and family will tell you, my mind often wanders whilst dibbing, so inevitably there will be some randomly related personal thoughts.
I have aptly named it: The Daily Dibber.

I hope you enjoy it.


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The Daily Dibber

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